Our clients are what make it all worthwhile and we thank you whole-heartedly for your kind words!

Here are some of our wonderful client testimonials:

“When I was looking for bookkeeping assistance for my startup, I assumed I would find the right firm close to my office. Imagine my surprise when I realized the best solution for my business was over 800 miles away! When I hired Linda Siniscal’s firm Third Hand Bookkeeping, distance was not an issue. I had all the help I needed online and on the phone. Her knowledge and mastery of the QuickBooks online system was exactly what I needed to get up and running. It was quick and it was painless. If you’re looking for first-rate bookkeeping services, look to Third Hand. And don’t worry if they’re not next door, because as I found out, the right choice may be hundreds of miles away.” Todd Buckton, Principal – RHG Creative

“Linda and Vaunda of Third Hand Bookkeeping Services are true professionals when it comes to taking care of business bookkeeping services. Even with our complex business model, Vaunda was able to make sense out of our numbers and provide comprehensive reports that were both accurate and easy to understand. She really took the time to learn about our unique business setup so she could cater her services and the features of QuickBooks to our needs each month. We couldn’t be more satisfied with the services Third Hand Bookkeeping Services provided us and we highly recommend any business owner to utilize them for their bookkeeping expertise.” Melanie Ammerman & Lauren Gall, Owners, VaVa Virtual Assistants

“Linda is a critical part of my team as I have built a start-up company. She is at the leading edge of technology, and fearless when it comes to folding new technology and challenges into her knowledge base. And she is a great bookkeeper: diligent and detail oriented, down to the penny. Finally, she is a strong strategic thinker and a total “people person.” Don’t hire her at your own risk!” AS – eCommerce Company

“Linda has been handling all of our administrative and bookkeeping work for over 10 years. She always puts the needs of the customer first – and she is totally professional, efficient, reliable, caring and a true pleasure to work with.  What also impresses me about Linda that she is always learning and incorporating her new ideas and methods into her work for her clients. Linda continues to be an integral part of our success and we truly value and are grateful for our association with her.”
MBG – Human Resource Consultants

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“Linda is first rate and of the highest integrity. Not only does she provide reliable and consistent results, she does so timely and with pleasure. I get the feeling that Linda is always looking out for me and my interests. That’s because she is. I sleep better knowing that Linda is taking care of my business bookkeeping.”
MM – wellness doctor

“Linda has been a tremendous asset to my business. I know that I can trust her to handle some of my most important tasks, but I also know that Linda is always one step ahead of me. She’s outstanding at helping me be better organized and creates terrific systems for helping me stay on track. If you’re serious about spending time building your business, hire Linda.”
EF – career speaker/coach

“Working with Linda Siniscal is like getting a much-needed breath of fresh air, in an otherwise stuffy, stymie, and stagnant environment. While working with Linda, I found her to be extremely professional, very organized, and the type of person that I was able to depend on 1,000%; all of which allowed me to keep my sanity intact.  To anyone that has a need for a very competent person to assist them in their endeavors, I wholeheartedly (strongly) suggest you ‘get Linda Siniscal’ on your team. Through her efforts, she’ll save you time, frustration, and money. In so doing, you’ll be able to enhance your whole operation.”
GW – Trade Association Chapter President

“Linda is very easy to work with, she provides reliable and timely service. She is personable and thinks out of the box. Linda is interested in the best outcome for her clients business and invests time and thought in her interactions with clients. I highly recommend her services! She is a pleasure to work with.“
LM – Business Coach

“Linda is an excellent Virtual Assistant She provides top-notch administrative, bookkeeping, and versatile office services. She is highly accessible, has great integrity and is very reliable. She provides us with creative suggestions for better efficiency. Linda is also a pleasure to work with – very patient and pleasant. She has worked with us for may years and I highly recommend Linda.”
MG – Human Resource Consultant

“Within a few weeks, I went from having a box full of papers that I’d just thrown in there throughout the year, to file folders for each month, my QuickBooks all up to date, and everything ready for me to prepare my taxes. It was unbelievable. Honestly, I don’t know what I would have done without Third Hand Secretarial Service.”
CW – Small Business Owner

“Linda does a very thorough and complete job. She has a terrific attitude and she always lets me know her time constraints; she never promises something she can’t deliver.”
AN – Business Coach

“I like Linda’s ability to be a forward thinker, her positive “can-do” attitude and how quickly she ‘hit the ground running’ with any task I sent her to do.”
NB – Event Planner

“I hired Linda upon the recommendation of a colleague who has used her extensively. Her commitment to quality, attention to detail and responsiveness is unsurpassed. She is honest, has integrity and is dedicated to completing the work in a timely and professional fashion. I would recommend Linda in a heartbeat and will certainly utilize her services again when the time comes.”
LS – Medical Writer

“When it comes to project tracking, Linda keeps track of the project calendar and deadlines and offers suggestions to improve the project outcomes. Linda is a colleague and an ally who always puts our needs first and foremost. When she comes across an article or a website that she thinks will be of interest to me or my business, she sends it to me. She has a special knack. . .a personal touch. . .that is very special.”
MG – Chef

“I love Linda! She has typed up manuals for us at the last minute. She has entered thousands of customer names into our database. She has helped us with our monthly newsletter. She is very reliable and timely!”
LK – Sales Trainer

“What a burden to have lifted! It allows me to put my energy into being the best Coach I can be….rather than into administrative work. I could not possibly market as thoroughly and consistently as I do now without Linda’s help! She handles large projects effortlessly and often offers new ideas. I thoroughly enjoy working with this ‘easy- to-work with’ and dedicated professional!”
FS – Coach

“Linda is a major asset to our non-profit. She keeps everything pulled together and she is a wealth of information to keep us up and running well!”
LM – Cancer Support Non-Profit

“We have been working with Linda Siniscal for several years. She has completed a variety of critical projects for us including: Internet research, editing, presentation-quality documents, and more. Linda will be handling our client calls and emails when we go on vacation (finally!) and basically, we feel that Linda will be there for us regardless of our business needs. Never in my 25 years in business have I worked with someone as skilled, agreeable, courteous, and prompt. It is a pleasure working with Linda every time. I would highly recommend her, but I’m not sure I want to share! Seriously, she’s the best.”
WS – Internet Research Co.

“We utilize Third Hand Secretarial Service for all of our bookkeeping and filing of financial documents and records. Linda interfaces with our accountant and produces weekly reports that enable me to monitor the direction of the company. Behind her role as bookkeeper, Linda monitors trends and lets me know if something seems amiss. Her real concern for the interest of my company has made owning and running a small business that much more bearable.”
MM – Weed Control Co.

“Maintaining and building our relationship with THSS has been one of the best business decisions we have made. For years, we were able to operate economically as a virtual company without clients ever suspecting that our employees were not all in the same building sitting down the hall from one other. We credit this, in large part, to THSS. Linda helped us portray ourselves as a larger company, enhancing not only our image and professionalism but always servicing SciMed’s clients as if they were THSS clients. THSS provided not only secretarial services but invaluable editorial, project management, and accounting expertise.”
KH – Medical Writer

“I could not run my business without Linda! I’ve been in business 11 years and have worked with Linda 10 years. She provides way more than a secretarial service. Dictation, typing, bookkeeping, design, word processing, research, editing, communicating with clients, seminars, and conference registrations, just to name a few.”
WH – Business Coach

“I’ve been working with Linda since early 2007. While her business name implies that she does secretarial work, she is so much more than that…she’s been a sounding board, an idea generator and a terrific cheerleader.  When I’m up against a particular business challenge, I can trust that Linda will have a recommendation (or two, or three). I’ve recommended her to many of my colleagues.”
JD – Business Consultant

“For over a year now, our all-volunteer organization has used the services of ‘Third Hand’. It’s hard to think of a better use of our funds. Linda is able to accomplish in a nanosecond what it used to take us hours to do.  Not only is she incredibly efficient and accurate, she anticipates what we might need. This is a huge benefit to an organization. It’s like she’s a mind reader.  I recommend Linda’s services enthusiastically and without reservation!”
BW – Non-profit organization

“Third Hand is a pleasure to work with! The work is accurate, fast and reasonably priced but best of all, Linda is always pleasant and friendly with a “can do” attitude. We’d recommend Third Hand Secretarial Service strongly… and do!”
WS – Research company

“I cannot speak highly enough of Linda as she has not only provided secretarial services but has been a source of advice on many issues such as operating QuickBooks or preparing Excel files. Linda has a range of skills that are valuable to the small business owner. Her skills range from understanding many different software programs to preparing documents in an accurate and timely way. However, over and above this is Linda’s willingness to help with projects which are out of the ordinary.”
MM – Real Estate Investor

“Linda does all my letters and she designs spreadsheets. She is always professional and her work is perfect. I give her a lot of spaghetti and meatballs and she straightens it all out for me!”
RM – Home Contractor

“Linda also has helped me research the best price available on some office equipment and has handled travel arrangements for me. I would recommend her services to anyone who is weighted down by their own personal or small-business bookkeeping, or anyone who is trying to get all the “small tasks” off their desk and out of their e-mail inbox. She’s fabulous!”
JL – Coach

“Linda comes in here and she inputs the bills, pays the bills, and does payroll. She does a great job for us, saves me time and does a far better job that I could do. She is very easy to work with.”
CN – Environmental Co.