Your Identity is NOT Your Own!

Posted on 29. Apr, 2021 by in Identity Theft, Small Business Tips, Social Networking

How companies use your identity and what you can do to protect it. One of the most valuable things you own is YOU. Your identity includes the basics – where you live, your age, and your gender. But it also includes your interests, who you know, and what you buy. So, do you know who […]

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IRS Announces Common Tax Scams

Posted on 16. Sep, 2020 by in Identity Theft, IRS, Small Business Tips, Tax Tips

The IRS recently announced its 2020 edition of its annual Dirty Dozen list of tax scams. This year includes a special emphasis on aggressive and evolving schemes related to COVID-19 tax relief, including Economic Impact Payments. Here are six of the more common scams. Phishing. Phishing refers to potential fake emails or websites looking to steal your personal […]

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IRS Data Theft

Posted on 25. Mar, 2020 by in Identity Theft, IRS, Security

What better place for online thieves to target than a database that contains 300 million+ Social Security numbers and a treasure trove of financial information? The IRS has 52 Internet applications to help U.S. citizens comply with their tax obligations. But these online portals, which collect, process and store large amounts of personal information and […]

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Help Older Adults Stand Up Against Scams

Posted on 15. Oct, 2019 by in Identity Theft, Misc. Articles

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau recently reported in financial exploitation cases that older adults lost an average of $34,200. Unfortunately, these funds are often never recovered. You can ensure this doesn’t happen by learning more about scams and how to protect yourself. Here are some tips: Recognize the scams.The best way to protect yourself from […]

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How To Protect Your Social Security Number

Posted on 13. Aug, 2019 by in Identity Theft, Security

Very few things in life can create a higher degree of stress than having your Social Security Number (SSN) stolen. This is because, unlike other forms of ID, your SSN is virtually permanent. While most instances of SSN theft are outside your control, there are some things that you can do to minimize the risk […]

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Are You a Victim of Identity Theft?

Posted on 02. Oct, 2017 by in Bookkeeping Articles, Small Business Tips, Website Resource

If you have a credit report, there’s a good chance you could be one of the 143 million American consumers whose personal information was exposed in the recent Equifax data breach. What happened?  According to Equifax, the breach lasted from mid-May through July. The hackers were able to obtain people’s names, birth dates, addresses, Social […]

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Do-It-Yourself Identity Theft Protection

Posted on 22. May, 2017 by in Bookkeeping Articles, Services, Small Business Tips

Identity theft is a growing problem in the United States, and dozens of companies offering various forms of identity theft protection have sprung up to combat it. Unfortunately, these services often do little to actually protect people’s identities, according to a study released by the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO).Both the GAO study and consumer […]

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IRS Announces Annual Tax Scams

Posted on 09. Mar, 2017 by in Bookkeeping Articles, Services, Small Business Tips, Tax Updates

Each year the IRS announces a list of the “Dirty Dozen Tax Scams” its agents encounter most frequently. Highlighted here are seven of the most common. Creating fake income. It has come to the attention of the IRS that some taxpayers are creating false income for the sole purpose of obtaining tax credits like the […]

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Recovering from Identity Theft

Posted on 03. Nov, 2016 by in Bookkeeping Articles, Services, Small Business Tips, Website Resource

There are now millions of victims of the identity theft epidemic. From stolen credit cards to fraudulently filed tax returns, a vast swath of the U.S. is trying to figure out how to repair the damage. To help, the Federal Trade Commission has created a nice tool to work through the recovery process. The site: […]

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Annual Credit Check More Important Than Ever

Posted on 23. Aug, 2016 by in Bookkeeping Articles, Services, Small Business Tips

Last year, the IRS admitted to a major breach into taxpayer records. This breach was not a hacking operation. The thieves had valid names, addresses, Social Security Numbers and more. They used this information to get by the security measures in place on the IRS website. The IRS believes these crooks will use the stolen […]

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